Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/21/18

Update on Bernard: Bernard’s been going through rounds of chemo and, as a result, decided to shave his head a week ago. I’ll request a picture from him to post, but I must say he pulls it off nicely; unlike me who has a football-shaped head.

Update on Luke from 1/19: Luke received his 3rd treatment today along with some blood work which revealed he is neutropenic, low blood count, so he is more susceptible to getting sick and has to be extremely cautious.  It’s recommended he stay home until his numbers climb back up.  I’m surprised by this because he seemed to have more energy lately. It’s a learning process.

Please continue to pray for these two gentlemen.

So, I may have already mentioned this, but this past Monday I gave Ryan one last dose of Topomax, and I’m happy to report there have been no signs of adversity so far…knock on my wooden forehead; otherwise known as football head. Anyway, Janine was saying today Ryan has been tracking her voice with his eyes a lot quicker and what looks to be more intent. Is this a result of reduced medicine? Not sure, but we’re happy he is responding to her in such a way. Now, if I can only get him to look at me, I’d be even more happy. I can’t blame him, however, for not wanting to look at this ugly mug…

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