Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/27/18

Ryan’s been a little restless since taking him completely off of another med. It may be a sign of withdrawal, or that he actually needs it. We’ll continue to monitor for another week or so, and then determine if we need to add some of the med back to his regimen. At least it won’t be as much as he was getting before…and that’s good news.

Please pray that his body will adjust so we don’t have to add back a dose of the med.

“I ate an entire box of thin mints, but didn’t get any thinner. I don’t think they work.”

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/27/18

  1. Hi, Bret.

    I have been watching a docu-series on YT entitled The Healing Miracle: The Truth about Stem Cells

    Its airing expires later tonight…it has been available for a week + and now I am speeding through it…but I wanted to ask if you have ever explored this type of treatment for Ryan? I regret that I didn’t start listening earlier so that I could have shared the link earlier.

    Our daughter Annette still suffers from idiopathic auto immune hemolytic anemia (since April ’15) so I am searching for other possible treatments outside of immunosuppressive agents (like steroids and MMF). She underwent a laproscopic splenectomy in June but after 4 months, her body started to hemolyze again. It’s complicated to discuss in a short few sentences.

    But I do think and pray for you all and Ryan…maybe you could explore this for him. The specialists interviewed in this series have seen it improve various types of indications, including the neurological arena, brain trauma, etc.




    • Hi Florence. Thank you so much for the information and link. I’ll definitely check into it. And, thank you for your continued prayer support for Ryan. We appreciate it so much. We’ll be praying for Annette; that God will heal her completely…for peace and comfort, for not only her, but all of the family. Much Love to You and Yours…xoxo


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