Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/20/18

When we were in SoCal this past weekend, we were discussing what Jacob would be doing for Spring break. Spring break? Already?!? Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas; yet, at the same time, it feels like it was a hundred years ago. That got me to thinking about how Ryan will turn 24 this year, and how it feels like only yesterday when he was born; yet, at the same time, it feels like it was a hundred years ago. How can that be?

Now, I’m thinking about how it is coming up on seven years since Ryan’s incident. That was a major event…for us anyway. And now, I’m wondering what other major events happened seven years ago, and what major events happened twenty-four years ago when Ryan was born. I’m going to look that up tomorrow.

Point is (and as I’ve posted before), time goes by way too quickly. I’m actually afraid to close my eyes at night, because when I wake up, another 7 or 24 years will have passed. Or, many more years than that…

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