Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/21/18

So, yesterday I mentioned I would look up what “major events” happened the year Ryan was born (1994). Here are a few of the ones that stand out to me.

a. Tanya Harding had someone whack Nancy Kerrigan in the leg.

b. The Northridge Earthquake, magnitude 6.7, hit the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles

c. Major League Baseball Players Association began 232 day strike causing the 1994 season to be cancelled

d. The Whitewater scandal investigation began

e. Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson

f. Kurt Cobain committed suicide

And probably the most astounding event that happened…

g.  The OJ Simpson white Ford Bronco chase

These were just some of the major events that happened in 1994; in the US alone. They seem like they happened just yesterday…you know what I mean?

Time really does fly, doesn’t it. That’s why I encourage y’all to live each moment to the fullest. Take it all in. Enjoy and be grateful for ALL God has given you. And, praise Him for it!

I’m on my way in to watch Ryan now. I thank God for the opportunity I have to watch over this special child of His. I am honored and humbled by God’s trust in me. Thank you Lord!


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