Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/31/18

So, this is the story behind this picture, in Neva’s own words…

“I had been coordinating  your meals, and had heart-felt sympathy for you and your family, but I could not understand your steadfast faith. But I did respect  it.  As time went on, my life had been totally turned inside out. I had not been attending church, but had started to go back with George’s encouragement.  I don’t remember when Ryan’s accident happened  but I started to re-attend church in July 2012. I attended bible study and church religiously. On Dec. 30, 2012 I attended church and GOD really spoke to me. I sang and praised HIM that day. On my way home I passed your house and knew I needed to stop. I turned around and pulled in at the same time that Janine had come home.

I thanked her and told her how I had never fully understood your faith.  But that day GOD had spoken to me, and I thanked Ryan for bringing me back to CHRIST.
Two days later I was cooking New Years Day dinner for a friend.  I had three sweet potatoes (blemish free) I was going to peel. I started to peel one and under the perfect skin was a wooden cross. (See picture) There is no mistake, it was not a blemish. It was a cross. GOD was speaking to me. He called me home. I have Ryan and your faith to thank.”
We are so grateful to you for sharing this story with us Neva! It’s just one more example (MIRACLE) that God has been using Ryan’s circumstance to bring people unto Himself. Ryan’s prayer the day of his incident was that he would touch one person for Christ. Praise God for honoring Ryan’s request and using him in such a magnificent way.
Our time here on earth is short. We need to be willing to allow God to work through us, so that everyone we know can enjoy eternity with our Lord and Savior.
Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for us, and rising again, about which we’ll be formally celebrating tomorrow, but will celebrate daily as long as you allow us breath!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/30/18

Yesterday, I told you to tune in today for a story about this picture. Well, it’s a picture of a freshly peeled sweet potato with a cross embedded in it. There’s more to the story than this, but in light of today being Good Friday, the commemoration of Jesus’s death on the cross, this may have even more significance than I was prepared to initially convey, so I’m going to sleep on it and hopefully provide a more comprehensive story about it. Therefore, I urge you to tune in again tomorrow for what I hope will be a brilliant narrative of God’s faithfulness and love.

Happy Good Friday One and All!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/28/18

Who was the first insane person to look at an oyster and think “HMM…That big piece of snot looks delicious!”???? It was most likely the same person that looked at a turkey and said it looked good, and who tried the very first piece of cheese…

Speaking of cheese…Ryan…never mind…

We had an excellent day today. Learned more Spanish, and got through a lot of Leviticus. I know the book of Numbers is coming up, and considered the most boring book in the Bible, but I gotta tell ya, Leviticus is giving it a run for its money…Needless to say, Ryan and I are trudging through…no disrespect to the Author…Please forgive me Lord…

How soon after getting up is it okay to take a nap?

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/27/18

Today, Ryan and I finished reading Exodus and are half way through Leviticus. Did you know that Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud?

We also got through our third Spanish lesson. Well, actually I got through it, and Ryan suffered listening to my poor impersonation of a Spanish accent.

All in all, Ryan had a good day, and that’s what counts…

Buenas Noches Y’all!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/26/18

OVERWHELMED   adjective:   rendered powerless especially by an excessive amount or profusion of something

I am overwhelmed with joy whenever I hear the testimony of someone who was touched by Ryan’s story; especially when the testimony is about their coming to Christ. I heard one such amazing testimony today, and am still on cloud 1,125. Don’t know if/when I’ll ever come back down.

I believe I’ve told y’all the story of the conversation Ryan had with someone while on their way down to Santa Cruz the day he got injured. He said something to the effect, “If I could only touch just one person for Christ today, it’d make my day.” Well, I can say his proclamation and obedience to God’s calling resulted in a lot more than just one person being touched. God has added many more to His kingdom, and Ryan has played a big role in His plan.

Thank you for visiting us today Neva, and for bringing George with you. You both encouraged us with your stories, and by allowing Jesus to shine through your lives. May He Bless You Both Richly, and use you to further His kingdom. May your children, and your children’s children know God’s love and come to a saving knowledge of Him. Keep the Faith!

Psalm 27:14   Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Ecclesiastes 9   ONE DAY AT A TIME


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/23/18

Ryan wrapped up a stellar week; for him anyway. No issues whatsoever, except for…well, you know. He’s really a joy to watch, but I really wish I didn’t have to watch him, if you know what I mean. We’d rather he be out and about like any normal young man his age. But, we trust God’s plan. Yes, God does have a plan, and I still see it unfolding daily, whether it be a discussion with someone about Ryan already being healed in Heaven, or just a conversation about God. The questions Ryan’s situation conjures up in people, at the very least, gets people thinking about God…and that could just be the seed that’ll bring about a tree or plant, and eventually fruit. All glory be to God!

Happy Friday Y’all! Hope your weekend is just splendid!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/22/18

BINGEING   noun:   any act of immoderate indulgence

I suppose one could conclude that bingeing is akin to gluttony, which many classify as one of the 7 deadly sins…and which God frowns upon, to put it mildly. But, gluttony refers to over-eating, and therefore in the context I’ll be using it in, or more precisely the word bingeing, I think God will be okay with it. I’m talking about Bible Bingeing, which is something Ryan and I started doing today. This morning, instead of watching TV, we decided to use our time to read in big chunks, the Bible from beginning to end; or what I consider to be big chunks, which is any reading that takes over ten minutes. That’s right! I’m not huge on reading (mainly, because reading puts me to sleep), so this is a huge undertaking for me. That said, we managed to get through 46 chapters of the book of Genesis. We would have finished the book (of Genesis, that is), but I’m a slow reader, and other activities took priority. Most of you probably look at this and laugh, because you’d have probably gotten half way through the Bible with y’all’s Evelyn Woods readin’ skills. We’ll try to do better tomorrow…