Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/2/18

It’s been rainy the past two days, and the rain is supposed to stick around for another day. What’s cool, is with the rain comes the frogs, who like to hang out in our pool (if you can call it a pool anymore). Anyway, it’s nice to hear them singing; or croaking, whichever you prefer. I just think singing is more pleasant a description. Makes us feel like we’re camping…or participants in a Budweiser commercial.

Here are a few updates.

Update about Bernard:

“Praise God I had my last chemo infusion today Friday March 3, 2018. CT Scan on April 9th. Will decide after scan if surgery is needed to remove a lymph node that has cancer.”

Update about Luke:

“Chemo Treatment #6: We are at the half way mark now! yeah!  His blood count is low (neutropenic), so he needs to avoid crowds and being around anyone who is sick.  So we plan on lying low over the next few days.”

Update about Fred:

“Pathology came back! No sign of cancer anywhere!!! Such a huge relief! God is good.”

Please continue to pray for Bernard, Luke and Fred; that they continue to improve and stay healthy. Thank you.

Bud   Wise   Er


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