Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/6/18

Another stellar day for Ryan. By stellar, I mean he’s been the model patient, with all vitals right where they need to be. We know it is by the grace of God that Ryan’s been having days like this, and we pray He continues the graciousness…

Tomorrow, Ryan’s getting a much-needed hair cut; his first in a couple of months. His hair is the longest it’s been in quite some time (probably since high school). Remind me to take a before and after pic; not because I want to become one of those people who posts everything they do, like meals, pics of cats/dogs, their dental floss, belly lint, etc. No, I just want the pics for posterity’s sake…

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Ryan. The prayers are obviously working for him…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/6/18

    • Thank you Mark! We appreciate your prayers. I’ll be sure and look you up next time I’m in McCloud. It will be a pleasure to meet you in the flesh. In the meantime, May God Bless You and Yours Richly!


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