Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/8/18

The weather can’t make up its mind. One day it’s cold, the next it’s raining and the next it’s warm like spring. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain again, but this time for a couple of days. Thing is, the weather report changes daily as well. One never knows what the weather’s going to be like, based on a weather report on any given day. I think a weatherman is one of the few who get to keep his job, even though he guesses and/or is right 50% of the time. Where else can someone get away with that kind of track record.

Typically, Ryan doesn’t do well with weather, but I may not be able to say “typically” anymore, because he’s been doing really well these past several days despite so many changes. Perhaps he’s building up an immunity to the changes. Regardless, I’m happy he’s doing well at any time. Praise God for His mercy!

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