Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/18/18 Bonus Edition

I wish there was some way I could take Ryan to see the new movie “I Can Only Imagine”. He sang this song as a contestant in Orinda Idol many moons ago. Check it out in the following YouTube video at around the 3:11 mark…

5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/18/18 Bonus Edition

  1. I remember that day! He did such an awesome job 😊 Have always loved that song, Linea sang it at my mom’s memorial service. Hugs to all of you, and continued prayers for Ryan ❤️


  2. The voice of an angel. 😇 I so loved hearing his voice, and I know that video must bring you great joy to hear as well.

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  3. The book, I Can Only Imagine, (Bart Millard) is excellent. Read it a couple of weeks ago.
    Watched Ryan’s YouTube singing I Can Only Imagine. He is a gifted singer and a “shoe in” for God’s heavenly choir! He’s a magnificent young man and I join you in praying for his complete healing which will occur I God’s time. You and Ryan bless us all on a daily basis!


  4. Oh Bret – This was really great. I hadn’t yet heard Ryan’s voice. When he is completely healed, perhaps his voice will be lower and he won’t be able to hit those notes, but he will still be the voice of an angel.


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