Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/21/18

Ryan had a new visitor from Futures Explored today. For those of you who don’t know, Futures Explored is based in Lafayette (the town next to ours), and they provide training in both work-related and life skills to adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Participants may need help in areas of personal or social skills, or in seeking and holding a job, or both. Although Ryan’s situation is outside of their typical area of expertise, they send someone to visit with him daily for an hour. These young adults spend their time reading, singing and talking to, and watching movies and documentaries with Ryan. It’s wonderful to see them interact with him, even though he’s asleep most of the time they’re here. Anyway, the new person’s name is Josh, and he brought and played his ukulele, and was very engaging with Ryan. Ryan even opened his eyes; something that doesn’t happen often with new people. Josh is only a couple years older than Ryan, and he went to Campolindo, so he can relate to things that Ryan would appreciate at his age. We are grateful to Futures Explored for the people they send…


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