Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/22/18

BINGEING   noun:   any act of immoderate indulgence

I suppose one could conclude that bingeing is akin to gluttony, which many classify as one of the 7 deadly sins…and which God frowns upon, to put it mildly. But, gluttony refers to over-eating, and therefore in the context I’ll be using it in, or more precisely the word bingeing, I think God will be okay with it. I’m talking about Bible Bingeing, which is something Ryan and I started doing today. This morning, instead of watching TV, we decided to use our time to read in big chunks, the Bible from beginning to end; or what I consider to be big chunks, which is any reading that takes over ten minutes. That’s right! I’m not huge on reading (mainly, because reading puts me to sleep), so this is a huge undertaking for me. That said, we managed to get through 46 chapters of the book of Genesis. We would have finished the book (of Genesis, that is), but I’m a slow reader, and other activities took priority. Most of you probably look at this and laugh, because you’d have probably gotten half way through the Bible with y’all’s Evelyn Woods readin’ skills. We’ll try to do better tomorrow…

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