Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/21/18

Ryan had a new visitor from Futures Explored today. For those of you who don’t know, Futures Explored is based in Lafayette (the town next to ours), and they provide training in both work-related and life skills to adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Participants may need help in areas of personal or social skills, or in seeking and holding a job, or both. Although Ryan’s situation is outside of their typical area of expertise, they send someone to visit with him daily for an hour. These young adults spend their time reading, singing and talking to, and watching movies and documentaries with Ryan. It’s wonderful to see them interact with him, even though he’s asleep most of the time they’re here. Anyway, the new person’s name is Josh, and he brought and played his ukulele, and was very engaging with Ryan. Ryan even opened his eyes; something that doesn’t happen often with new people. Josh is only a couple years older than Ryan, and he went to Campolindo, so he can relate to things that Ryan would appreciate at his age. We are grateful to Futures Explored for the people they send…


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/20/18

In case my boys ever want to get married, I want to make sure and give them good advice for a happy marriage…

  1. A wife will never start an argument with you if you are cleaning.
  2. Never laugh at your wife’s choices, because you are one of them.
  3. Let your wife think she’s getting her own way, and then let her have it.
  4. Math is easy in a marriage: if you have $20, and your wife has $5, she has $25
  5. Listening to your wife is like reading the terms & conditions of a website. You understand nothing, but still you say: “I Agree!”
  6. There are two golden rules to a happy marriage: 1. The wife is always right. 2. When you feel she is wrong, slap yourself and read rule no. 1 again.
  7. Marriage is a workshop where the husband works & the wife shops.
  8. Hold your wife’s hand in the mall because if you let go, she’ll go shopping. It looks romantic, but it’s actually economic.
  9. Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see your food coming at a restaurant.
  10. If you want your wife to listen to you, then talk to another woman: she will be all ears.

I wish I would’ve gotten this advice prior to getting married. I had to learn things by trial and error…

Ryan did smile at some of these today. It’s always a great day when he smiles…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/19/18

This year’s “March Madness” has been just that; Madness. It’s been fun to watch the highly seeded teams fall, even though it messes with our brackets. Ryan and I filled out a bracket, and with all of the upsets, our South and West brackets have been decimated and reduced to just one team left in the Sweet 16. We are, however, doing much better with our North and East brackets, where we have 7 teams left. So, if my math’s correct, we’ve got 50% of our teams left in the Sweet 16. Not too bad for a couple of guys who just took a stab at picking teams based on…well, nothing at all. For all intents and purposes, we pretty much just flipped a coin…

I remember when Ryan and Jacob were little and couldn’t even hit the rim of a basketball hoop with the bball. Over time they, of course got bigger and therefore, much better. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I still can’t hit the rim of a basketball hoop with the bball…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/18/18

Didn’t post anything last night because Ryan and I were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and too wasted from drinking green beer. And, if you believe that, you’ll also believe that I can grant you three wishes. Go ahead, try me…

Anyway, all is quiet on the Ryan front. He’s been a joy to watch, although I’d prefer him healthy and out of the house doing what all young men his age typically do. For now, however, I love watching him, and am doing all I know to help in his recovery…Lord willing.

Please pray for Jacob this week, as he is in Cabo for Spring Break. With all that’s going on in the world these days, I feel the need to pray a lot more for the safety of our children…

I hope y’all had a great St. Patty’s Day, and you were or are able to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; or wherever else you could possibly find one. Maybe winning the lottery is in your future?? At the very least, may God richly bless each and every one of you! That alone is worth more than any material riches one could possess.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/16/17

UMBC just beat Virginia; the first time in NCAA Basketball Tournament history (first tournament was in 1939) that a #16 seed has beaten a #1 seed. And, they beat them by 20 points. WOW! What an incredible game! Of course, I had to go into Ryan’s room and turn the game on and watch it with him and his nurse. I love sharing things like this with the boys…

“The WILL of God will never take you where the GRACE of God will not protect you.”

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/15/18

Ryan’s awake/sleep schedule is out of whack again. He stays awake all night and sleeps all day. Oh wait! Isn’t that what all guys in their twenties do? Never mind. It’s just me being an old man…

Other than the insomnia thing (no, I’m not talking about me), he seems to be doing fine.

“Don’t worry, God has gone before you and prepared the way. Keep walking.”

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/13/18

An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to her and said, “Do you want to talk? Flights go a lot quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.”

The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger, “What would you want to talk about?”

“Oh, I don’t know”, said the atheist. “How about why there is no God, or no heaven or hell, or no life after death?” as he smiled smugly.

“Okay,” she said. “Those could be interesting topics, but let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass. Yet, a deer excretes pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, but a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is?”

The atheist, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, “Hmmm, I have no idea.”

To which the little girl replies, “Do you really feel qualified to discuss God, heaven and hell, or life after death, when you don’t know crap?”

And then she went back to reading her book.

Ryan’s had a few great days in a row. Let’s pray he keeps the streak going…Thank you.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/12/18

Just got done watching “Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey”. He preached a simple message of God’s love for all humanity, and about having faith and loving one another. As a result, many, nay multitudes, came to know Jesus as their personal savior and have the promise of eternal life with Him.

John 3:16   For God so loved the world…

John 14:6   Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Keep it simple folks, and let God do the real work…