Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/6/18

Apologies to all who, with bated breath, lay awake at night for my latest musing. I fell asleep without posting. Ryan and I have been more tired than usual this week. Not sure why. Perhaps because Ryan’s had a sty in his eye, and it’s been bothering him. Perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps the pollen in the air. Perhaps all of the above, and more.

We took Ryan to the doctor yesterday to check on a few issues he’s having. One: There’s some irritation around his G-Tube that’s been lingering for several months now. We made another appointment a couple of weeks from now with the surgeons, who will determine what’s needed to correct the issue. Two: His big toe has not fully healed from the procedure  he had back in January to remove an ingrown toenail. We’ll make another appointment with the doctor who performed that procedure to see what needs to be done to correct that issue. And then, there’s the eye thing, which the doctor said looks to be getting better. So, we’ll wait and see about it. His eye looks much better today.

Anyway, I pray these and all other things ailing Ryan will quickly become things of the past, and that he will be made whole. Lord, Please heal my son…

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