Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/10/18

Ryan had a relatively busy day today. His grandparents did their PT work on him. A staff member from “Futures Explored” read to him for a half and hour, watched a movie for the other half. He and I watched a movie, and then witness the annihilation of the Warriors this evening. It’s okay. They’re in the playoffs, and that’ll be fun…for however long they last.

Ryan still needs prayer for the healing of his big toe and the skin surrounding the entrance of his G-tube. He’s got an appointment scheduled a couple of weeks from now to have them looked at again, and for treatment recommendation. I sure hope he’s not in any pain from either of them…or anything else for that matter.

Lord willing, tomorrow’s a new day, and it’s going to be another good one. It’s all about attitude…oh, and God’s mercy and grace. All praise belongs to him. It is well with our souls…

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