Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/16/18

Even though I enjoy getting away for a couple-few days, there’s nothing like being home watching Ryan; especially when he has a good day like he did today. It’s just nice hanging out with him.

So, Janine got me one of those Ancestry DNA test thingys for my birthday so I can know what my heritage is. Well, I’m 100% positive I’m a mutt, but exactly what kind of mutt, I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure there’s some Scottish blood in there somewhere…

“Don’t run with bagpipes. You could put an aye out. Or worse yet, get kilt.”


2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/16/18

  1. Look forward to reading your updates everyday. A true family of unwavering faith. Waiting faithfully for the Lord to raise Ryan up.


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