Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/15/18

A few funnies to get us through the rest of the week:

When the boys were young, Janine and I couldn’t afford to take them to Sea World. So, we took them to the fish market and said “Shhhh, they’re sleeping.”

I really need to get into shape before I turn 60, because today I realized that if I got murdered, my chalk outline would be a circle.

I recently posted a couple of times about my exceptional culinary skills. Well, truth be told, I’m told I only need to bring paper towels to any of our family gatherings.

Did you know that on Mercury, one day lasts about 1408 hours? The same as one Monday on earth.

Seriously though…

I asked God, “Why do you continue to bless me?” He replied, “So you can continue to bless those around you.”

Ryan had a good day today. And, we praise God for that!

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