Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/1/18

Every morning, Ryan and I read an hour or more of the Bible, and sometimes I’ll write notes, a thought and/or a verse or two on his intervention tracker sheet; a sheet we’ve created to track Ryan’s activities at any given time of day or night. Yesterday, I wrote down a verse that stood out to me during our reading through Proverbs. So, this morning I get in and the night nurse had written down some additional verses that complimented the one I had written down. And, the cool thing about it was, she wrote them down from memory. We then proceeded to have a wonderful discussion (church, if you will) for half an hour or so.

Do any of you remember memorizing Bible verses when you were younger…or, remember any of the verses for that matter? I know who I’m calling should I ever need to “call-a-friend” while playing some random game show…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!! He had a really good day today, and is looking forward to his party tomorrow.

Thanks for listening…

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