6 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch Anniversary Addition 6/25/18

  1. No, but God in His infinite wisdom somehow allowed a tragedy in your family and is now using that to help build His kingdom. Crying and celebrating with you. Not easily understood this side of heaven. Trust and faith . . .


  2. I was at home and an urgent prayer request started coming in from multiple sources. There were emails and phone calls and broken hearts. People got together, they banded together before the Lord to plead for Ryan’s life. And he lived despite all odds. And he (and his family) suffer and yearn still, but God is everywhere and always with them and we wait and watch for a miracle of healing. There are small mercies that are revealed everyday. Our hearts still plead for full restoration of body for Ryan.


  3. There are almost no words to express the level to which we are impacted by your testimony of faith. Thank you for giving us this extraordinary window into your lives and into Ryans. We read it almost daily. We continue to join you in praying for a miracle for your sweet boy.
    Mike and Janie Sheedy


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