Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/31/18

After reading yesterday’s RMW post, Gary Vian reminded me of a time God spared my earthly life when I was in a motorcycle incident just outside the Caldecott tunnel. I was driving in the slow lane just before the Broadway exit, when a car in the next lane over cut me off at the last second to make the exit and clipped the front of my motorcycle. I held onto my bike as it slid about 100 feet or so, and when I couldn’t hold on any longer I let go and slid for another 10-20 feet. Fortunately, my crash bars and my helmet held me off the ground as I slid, and I came away from the accident with only a broken collar-bone (from the initial fall) and a small scratch on the side of my hand; which my daily reminder (along with other scars & things) of God’s protection. My crash bars were ground down to 1/4″, and I could stick my finger through my helmet on the side that had been sliding along the ground.

God protected me even more, however, the day before the incident. He actually prevented an incident from happening. You see, the day before I wasn’t wearing my helmet. It was the first time I had ever ridden without one. I don’t know how, but I completely forgot to put it on when I left the house, and it was just before the Broadway exit that I realized I had forgotten it. I was petrified the rest of the way to work, as well as on my way home. I swore an oath (I know you’re not supposed to swear) I would never forget to wear my helmet again. I’d say it was a good oath to swear…

Ryan’s been doing really well these past couple of weeks, and I really enjoy being alive to witness what God is doing in and around his circumstance. People tell me stories all the time about God’s grace, protection, mercy and love. Please keep the stories coming. They energize us all; showing God is still at work…

John 5:17   In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/30/18

Someone posted this on FB today:

“Have you ever stopped and wondered what God has done in your life that you’re not even aware of? Maybe He healed you before you got sick. Perhaps He saved you from a fatal car crash that never happened. I know God has protected me more times than I can count, and I can only imagine how many times He’s rescued me when I was unaware that I was even in danger. God’s always watching over you, and He’s there for you even when you don’t realize it. What and AWESOME GOD we serve! Take a moment to thank God for protecting you.”

Now that you’re done thanking God for protecting you, please pray for God’s protection around those who are affected by the fires that are burning in NorCal…and anywhere else in the world. Basically, pray for His protection whenever and wherever it is needed…

Psalm 16:1   Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/28/18

I just now read that a woman and her two great-grandchildren (4 & 5 years old) died in the Carr fire burning near Redding, CA. Two other men had already lost their lives this week fighting the same fire. And, many people are unaccounted for.

At the beginning of this week, I read an article about a teen who lost her dad and brother in the duck boat sinking.

Things like this are happening every day all around the world. At any given time, someone, somewhere, is grieving over the loss of a loved one/s.

It’s difficult to read/think about things like this. It makes me so sad, and I feel bad for these people.

Lord, May your arms of everlasting love, peace and grace embrace those whose hearts are hurting, as they have embraced me…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/27/18

Ryan was awake during most of my shift today. What a pleasant change of pace. He was also awake during his visit with, and mini concert from, K-Dot. K-Dot, as I call her when she’s “in the house”, is a gifted clarinet player who comes most Fridays to play for Ryan. Her real name is K’leigh Alfrey. On her first visit, she introduced herself by saying “Hi! My name is K’leigh Alfrey…that’s K – period – L-E-I-G-H Alfrey – A-L-F-R-E-Y. I lovingly shortened it to K-Dot, which she thinks is the best. K-Dot is a person with Down-Syndrome. She is one of the most loving and unpretentious individuals I have ever met. She enjoys coming and playing songs for Ryan; so much so that she wrote the following article for a monthly publication that the organization she’s with (called Futures Explored) puts out. Here’s it is unedited:

“Home Care With Ryan by K’leigh Alfrey       Every Friday I go and preform my clarinet at Ryan’s house in Orinda. I get to play my songs for him. It is fun to share and enjoy the music with him. Monique and Kristie takes me by car to his dad’s house. While there I play four to five songs: Moon River, which he recorded onto his computer to enjoy it again. Along with that Forest Gump: Do-Re-ME, God Bless America. Along with those: When The Saints Go Marching In! The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a good tune. You can’t forget Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley. After we play Ryan has a very big smile on his face. His Dad is very nice.”

I need/want to be more like K-Dot. She’s so cool…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/26/18

Life goes by in the blink of an eye. It’s too short to live upset, resentful, angry or ungrateful. If you look for the good, you’ll find it. Choose to be happy…to live at peace. Decide that each day is going to be a great day, grab each moment, and make the best of it. Refuse to let negative thoughts take root in your mind, and refuse to let negative people and situations drag you down. Trust in God, and the journey He has you on, and know that if you make a mistake, it’s okay…He’ll forgive you. See it as a lesson learned, and move forward. Don’t spend a single second worrying. Instead, spend your time being grateful for those who love you and for all that God’s given you. Choose to live in JOY!

Proverbs 10:28   The prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes of the wicked come to nothing.

Praise God! Ryan had an excellent day! He slept through all but and hour on my watch, but I’m okay with it. I’m happy he feels comfortable resting as I watch over him. It’s like when someone sleeps while I drive. You know what I’m talking about…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/22/18

SLOW   adjective:   not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time

Was in the mountains this weekend and had a slow internet connection, so I decided not to post. Compared to the pace of the Bay Area, things in the mountains move at their own pace; slowly. For lunch one day, I went to the local store and ordered a sandwich. The lady who’s been working there for as long as I can remember, took half an hour to make it. She has two speeds; slow and reverse. Because of this, I always pledge never to return there again because it takes too long, but because I’m a senior citizen I forget my pledge and go back again and again and again.  I’m not kidding…and it’s not funny! On a more positive note, the sandwiches are good…but not worth waiting half an hour for. A project I’ve got someone working on, which was supposed to have taken three months to complete, is coming up on a year; and it’s still not finished; not to mention it’s costing three times as much as projected. Will someone please shoot me now? The project is looking really nice, though. One night, I ordered pizza from one of the local joints. I was the only one there, and it took 45 minutes to make. One lousy (actually, it was really good) pizza. DOH! CalTrans is working on southbound HWY 5 in Mt. Shasta, and there are no on-ramps open to get on southbound. It added an extra hour to my drive home today. That said, the road is going to be really nice when it’s done.

Do you notice a trend here? Despite everything moving at a snails pace, there was/is a silver lining to everything. God’s still trying to teach me patience. He wants me to slow down and smell the coffee. Allow things to unfold in their own time. Enjoy the process and watch what beautiful things come from it…

Philippians 1:6   For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Ecclesiastes 3:11   He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

In God’s time, Ryan will be healed. The process seems to be taking a really long time, but in the context of eternity, it’s not taking long at all. So, I’ll try to slow down, be patient and wait/watch for the beautiful outcome that is yet to come…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/18/18 Part 2

Ryan slept pretty much throughout my entire shift. Either he was really into the music I was playing, or totally bored…

Since his high temp episodes last week, he’s back to his “normal” self, despite it being in the high 80’s to low 90’s. We are thankful for that!

Update about Luke from his site https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lukesouza: Luke finished his 15th radiation appointment today.  Yeah!  He doesn’t feel any side effects from it, so that is wonderful.  He will have a PET scan on Sept. 12 to see how much the radiation treatments were able to shrink the remaining scar tissue from his tumor.  Hi original tumor was 15cm and the chemo shrunk it down to 8cm.

Please continue to pray for Luke and Ryan, along with all those you are praying for. God can handle as many prayers as we can throw at him.