Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/6/18

Ryan and I watched today’s two world cup matches; and what excellent matches they were. I’m always impressed by the sportsmanship of the players after soccer games. Despite battling each other for 90+ minutes, and putting up with some pretty bad calls (at times) from the refs, the players shake each other’s hands afterwards. This also happens after hockey games. This is done out of respect. Each player knows the effort it takes to compete at any given level, each knows the sacrificial toll it takes on the body and soul, and each knows what it feels like to win and to lose.

We’ve all won and lost in life. We’ve faced many challenges. Some challenges are different; others similar, but challenging nonetheless. As human-beings, as God’s children, we need to recognize that we all face challenges, and it’s better to shake someone’s hand, hug them or lend a hand to, in some small way (but what might be considered big to them), let them know we understand their challenges; their struggles…and respect the effort their exerting. A little encouragement can go a long way.

Jesus understands everything we go through, because there’s nothing he hasn’t experienced himself (I’m paraphrasing). Because of this, I bet he’s got a hand-shake and/or a hug for us. I’m counting on it anyway.

I started a new exercise routine. Every day I do diddly squats.


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