Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/8/18

It’s beginning to feel a lot more like summer. Twas around 90 today, and all signs point toward more of the same temps all week. It’s funny how the very people who complain Winter is too long and cold, and are begging for sunshine, are the same people to complain when they get what they’ve asked for. I suppose they’re never satisfied. Maybe they should shed that sweater, or do what we did yesterday; which was go to S.F. for its natural air-conditioning…which most of you know is fog. The fog, however, did not appear, but it was still around 15 degrees cooler than it was where we live. Adapt people! Not to be mistaken for “adopt people”…that’s an entirely different subject…

Anyway, we hope y’all enjoyed your Sunday. We continue to pray for those less fortunate than ourselves; for people who have no clothing, shelter, food, transportation, air-conditioning, etc…things we may or may not take for granted.

Lord, We are grateful and thankful for your provision. Please provide for those that need it most. Amen.

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