Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/9/18

Food for Thought: Wouldn’t it be ironic if Popeye’s Chicken was fried in Olive Oil?

Speaking of fried; it was another hot one today. In fact, it was what PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric…our utility company for those of you who don’t live around here) called a SMART Day. It’s a designated “hot” day when you shouldn’t use any large appliances between the hours of 2 P.M. and 7 P.M. It’s supposed to help prevent Brown-outs (look it up). Well, at around 2 P.M., the power in Ryan’s room went out, causing his bed to deflate and his nebulizer to stop at the beginning of his treatment. Uh oh! Fortunately, after a few minutes of troubleshooting, I figured out it was caused by a tripped circuit breaker. Turns out I had way too many cords plugged into one outlet. For those of you who have excellent taste in movies, picture the tree lighting scene in A Christmas Story. Yep, I’m an ideuht…

Tomorrow has also been designated as a SMART Day. For Ryan’s sake, I hope I can be a little smarter, and not shoot my eye out…

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