Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/27/18

Ryan was awake during most of my shift today. What a pleasant change of pace. He was also awake during his visit with, and mini concert from, K-Dot. K-Dot, as I call her when she’s “in the house”, is a gifted clarinet player who comes most Fridays to play for Ryan. Her real name is K’leigh Alfrey. On her first visit, she introduced herself by saying “Hi! My name is K’leigh Alfrey…that’s K – period – L-E-I-G-H Alfrey – A-L-F-R-E-Y. I lovingly shortened it to K-Dot, which she thinks is the best. K-Dot is a person with Down-Syndrome. She is one of the most loving and unpretentious individuals I have ever met. She enjoys coming and playing songs for Ryan; so much so that she wrote the following article for a monthly publication that the organization she’s with (called Futures Explored) puts out. Here’s it is unedited:

“Home Care With Ryan by K’leigh Alfrey       Every Friday I go and preform my clarinet at Ryan’s house in Orinda. I get to play my songs for him. It is fun to share and enjoy the music with him. Monique and Kristie takes me by car to his dad’s house. While there I play four to five songs: Moon River, which he recorded onto his computer to enjoy it again. Along with that Forest Gump: Do-Re-ME, God Bless America. Along with those: When The Saints Go Marching In! The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a good tune. You can’t forget Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley. After we play Ryan has a very big smile on his face. His Dad is very nice.”

I need/want to be more like K-Dot. She’s so cool…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/27/18

  1. What a sweetheart! Such a blessing K-Dot must be to you and Ryan. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.


  2. I love this!! I want to come meet K dot one Friday and enjoy her concert◡̈


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