Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/2/18

Today, Ryan, Kristie (from Futures Explored) and I watched a documentary on PBS about the making of Star Wars. Ryan was fully engaged for most of the show. Both he and Jacob have seen at least the first three (actually 4, 5 & 6 for those of you in the know)…even though they are millennials, because Janine and I made sure the were well versed in the “classics”. Classics! Really? Wow, I’m saying they’re classics and the first one came out in ’77…or was it ’78? Shows you how much I was paying attention. Please don’t test me on it. Anyway, Ryan seemed to enjoy that particular segment of today. And, he was very comfortable the rest of my shift as well…

I’m looking forward to watching him again tomorrow. It’s so nice to be around him…

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