Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/9/18

I know y’all will jump up and down to know we are alive and well…that Janine is anyway. WiFi has been either non-existent or slower than molasses (Like I really sit around watching molasses to see how slow it goes…), so that’s why no posts. We’ve been in NorCal and Oregon the past several days. The smoke from all the fires covered all of NorCal and well past Grants Pass, Or. We’re on the coast now, and happy to be breathing fresh air.

Ryan is also alive and well…well for him. We did leave him in good hands, after all. We PRAISE GOD for that!

Zareena posted this on FB, and it really got me to thinking (perhaps the reason there’s really smoke all-around us)…

“From dark clouds we get precious water…

From dark mines we get valuable jewels…

And, from our darkest trials come our best blessings from God…”

Have you ever come through a dark period in your life, no matter how short or long? First, you came through it. Second, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Third, somehow it can change your perspective about things.

Ryan’s circumstance has changed me in so many ways…and despite being a difficult situation, I’ve received some of the best blessings from God that I never would have had it not happened.

Think about a trial you went through, and see how it changed you for the better. Cling to and PRAISE GOD for that!

See you on the flip side…




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