Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/25/18

“Mr. Bret! Mr. Bret!”, is what I heard coming from the hill just outside our side yard this morning. I looked out, and Charlotte (5) and Brendan (3), our new neighbor’s kids, were standing there waiting for me to come out. “Go away”, I said. The end…

Yeah right…how could I say that to little kids…or pretty much anyone, for that matter? These kids are too cute, to say the least. Anyway, I invited them in and made them chocolate & banana milkshakes, and we started to watch Duck Duck Goose (a movie). Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes they had to go home and get ready for a birthday party. I’m distraught because I may never get to watch the ending of the movie…

We miss the days when we watched kid’s movies with Ryan and Jacob. Good memories, for sure. We’ll never get those moments with our kids back. We’ll have to live each moment to the fullest, so we can have more good memories. Tomorrow, I’m going to start binge watching kid’s movies, starting with Balto…

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