Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/16/18

Was up in Mt. Shasta yesterday, so no post due to very slow internet. Speaking of very slow, Soy lento en la Cabeza which makes for some extremely dull reading. I know y’all are relieved to have been spared from my dribble…

Anyway, on the drive up to Shasta, there were fire fighters fighting fires yards from the freeway. Helicopters were scooping water from a nearby lake, flying over the freeway and dumping it on the fires. Smoke was everywhere. I must have seen at least 100 fire trucks during the drive from Redding all the way to the mountain. The landscape on both sides of the freeway was ominous.

The devastation of the Delta fire (as it’s been dubbed) reminds me of the aftermath of the Mt. St. Helens eruption back in 2008. Was that only 10 years ago? For some reason, it seems like it was longer ago than that? Is that sentence grammatically correct? Any English teachers out there want to help me out? Told you I was slow…

Please pray for the safety of firefighters fighting fires not only in the Shasta region, but all over the world. They truly are brave…

Was nice to see Ryan upon getting back. He didn’t have much to say. Isn’t that just like him? But, I know he was happy to see me, and that’s all that counts. At least in this dim wit’s mind it is…

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