Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/20/18

Here’s a tip for all the men out there: Hold your wife’s/girlfriend’s hand tightly while you’re at the mall and don’t let go. It looks romantic, but it’s actually economic, because if you let go she’ll start shopping.

Reread Matthew 5 today. Wow! There’s really a lot of meat in those beatitudes. I tried to memorize them, but gave up. speaking of meat, heck, I can’t remember what I ate for dinner tonight, much less  try to remember 10 or so verses. Oh to be young again. I used to be able to listen to a song once, and pretty much have my part along with everyone else’s parts down. I’m not bragging, I was just that good…

Speaking of good. For those of you who have heard him, you know Ryan was “just that good”. What a beautiful voice he had. Oh, how I long to hear him sing again live. Listening to recordings of him isn’t quite the same, and brings tears to my eyes. If you haven’t already, you can go to the media portion of this website and listen to him…

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