Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/27/18

My mom sent this to me today:

“Here’s something I read in my devotional written by someone named Gari Meacham.
Matthew 7:7 “Jesus uses action words to describe the essence of prayer: ask, seek and knock. I’ve pondered these words for decades and have come to realize that asking prompts us, seeking confuses us and knocking just plain irritates us! The question is why did Jesus use these words as a prayer model? What not just stop at “Ask and it shall be given to you”? Perhaps the maturity and strength of faith come in the seeking and the knocking.
In times of struggle it may seem like God has gone radio-silent…crickets…no response and no fuzzy messages of hope. But rest assured, He hasn’t forgotten us or ignored our seeking and knocking prayers. He’s simply creating the perfect circumstances, timing and posture to display our heart’s desire. Soon our seeking and knocking will turn to knowing and praising — and we’ll be wiser and more faithful because of it.”

Please continue to ask, seek and knock on Ryan’s behalf. God’s doing amazing things in and through his circumstance, but I’m holding out all hope that one day soon He’ll see fit to heal Ryan completely. Thank you!

And, thanks MOM for the encouraging message!

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/27/18

  1. Hi Brett,
    What a wonderful message from the Lord thru your mom! I, like probably all who truly seek, become frustrated and even confused sometimes when “our will” seem to be the way life should go. I am by NO means saying that is what you do, but more of what I tend to do.
    So the other day as I was riding (many times when I ride I don’t listen to music, I try to listen to the Lord) I felt Jesus say to me thru the Holy Spirit, “Do you trust me”? My first reaction was, of course I do! But when I thought more about it, I was humbled and shamed by the fact that I tend to be my own god way too much, and that my trust of Jesus tends to be more convenient than constant.
    Your mom’s message hits home and I will take Ask, Seek, Knock much more seriously now.
    We’ve been praying since day 1, and we will never stop praying for Ryan and your fam!!


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