Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/29/18

I’m in Mt. Shasta for the week working on a project. The internet is rather slow, and it happens to be raining right now. Not sure what one has to do with the other, but the internet is slow up here already, but with the rain, it’s extra slow. It’s actually taken me 5 minutes for these 2-3 sentences to show up on my screen. If this persists, I won’t be writing any more posts this week, so those of you who can’t go to sleep at night without before reading my pointless babble, I’m sorry…

According to my lovely wife, Janine (in case you’ve forgotten her name), Ryan had a good day. She’ll be watching him all week while I’m away. Ryan is so excited. I know what Ryan and I do when Janine is gone, and now I’m a bit scared to think what they’re doing while I’m away…Hmm

Y’all have a wonderful week on and with purpose! God loves you, and so do we!

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