Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/20/18

CIRCUMSTANCE   noun:   the set of facts that surround a situation or event; facts which should be kept in mind or considered when making a decision

I had a headache pretty much all day yesterday, and finally took some medicine and went to bed earlier than usual, so no post. You didn’t miss much, however, because Ryan had another “normal” day…normal for him anyway. He was in good hands with Janine, and then his afternoon and noc nurses. I’m getting to watch him now, and he’s sleeping away the morning; something I wish I could be doing. But, there’s no other place I’d rather be if I didn’t get to watch him. Although, truth be told, I’d rather be almost anywhere else, because if he were a “normal”, healthy person, there wouldn’t be the need to have to watch over him, and we could be living “normal” lives. What is a “normal” life anyway? Is there such a thing? Isn’t life just life? Perhaps I’m confusing “normal” with “good” or “bad”. Now, that makes more sense. In that context, what makes a life good or bad? Is it based on one’s circumstance? If that’s the case, then why, in some cases, do two people in the same circumstance…let’s say two billionaires (or hundredaires like me), or identical twins growing up in the same household, or two professionals of equal standing in an organization, or other examples like these (and maybe these are poor examples)…one turns out happy, and the other is miserable? Why is that? Many people would say my life is “bad” because of Ryan’s situation. While I would rather Ryan not be injured (and the same thought goes out for pretty much everyone I know), I don’t consider my life bad. But why? Why don’t I consider my life bad? Well, the number one answer to that is I believe in God, and made the decision to know Jesus as my personal savior. God’s plan for my and Ryan’s life is much bigger than we can ever imagine or understand, and I know in my heart He only wants what’s best for us. And what’s best for us is eternal life in Heaven. What better “never-ending” circumstance could there ever be? I’m sure glad I learned about the facts surrounding Jesus and made the decision to follow Him. My life is “good”…

My pea-sized brain has a headache again. That’s what I get for thinking too hard…

Y’all have a blessed day on purpose! It’s your choice…


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