Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/22/18

Finally! My suggestion to celebrate Christmas all year round is beginning to take hold. Home Goods already has their Christmas decorations up and items for sale. Good for them! Now, if only the true meaning of Christmas could be front and center, it’d really rock! Jesus is the reason for the season! Need I say it? Better start your Christmas shopping now…

Had a few tears in my eyes after watching last night’s episode of Shark Tank. I encourage you to find it and watch the last presentation. The story is amazing…and so is the product. I’m going to be buying a Cup Board…

Ryan smiled at me a few times today. It makes my heart leap with joy to see. I can’t get enough. Thank you Lord!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/22/18

  1. Brett- I ran across this song today. An oldie, but one I hadn’t heard before. It reminded me of you – always exhorting us to enjoy and treasure the day. I especially like the chorus – “it won’t be long.” – I commandeer it as a prayer for Ryan – may it not be long until he has an even greater day of healing.


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