Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/25/18

Got my results back from Ancestry, and it’s no surprise I’m a mutt. Or is it nut? Probably a combination of both. I don’t know. What I do know is, I’m a child of The King. I can’t think of a better head of our family tree…

Check out Vincent Van Gogh’s family tree:

To steal a phrase from Ryan’s afternoon nurse, “Ryan’s had a couple of stellar days in a row”. It’s true. Ryan’s vitals have been great, and he’s been so relaxed. Must be directly attributable to the care he receives from his incredible morning nurse. You know, that pistachio-faced bulldog…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/25/18

  1. God bless you..I know I’ve said it before but I can’t wait to read your post!! Thanks for blessing me. Praying for Ryan always.


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