Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/30/18

Had an amazing day today!! First, a wonderful Christian lady from a church we used to attend stopped by to meet/visit us, and offered assistance in finding ways to communicate with Ryan. She’s a teacher who helps disabled children find their “voice”. Not sure if I’m supposed to make “voice” plural there, but if I do, it sounds like a child is schizophrenic. Didn’t want that, so I went with the singular “voice”. The first step is to see if Ryan can move anything in the slightest way consistently. Could be a toe, a finger, an ear lobe or an eyelash. It will take a lot of time and patience…but, if we pray well enough, God’ll give us plenty of that. Anyway, I’m excited to get started, and if it be God’s will, to see what Ryan has to say…

Second: We had a visit from the new director of the agency that provides Ryan’s nurses. Turns out, she is the sister of one of my partners from the Black Bear Diner I was involved with the year of Ryan’s incident. She didn’t know it before she walked in our house, but when she found out, she shared how she knew about Ryan from her family, etc. It was…let’s see, how can I describe it? Wow!!!! Talk about a small world, and God blowing my mind!!!! He works in the most mysterious ways.

I’m still processing the entire day’s events, so I’ll share more if/when I’m able to wrap my mind around the implications, etc. I will say God is at work…

Question: Is it considered “work” for God?…because it seems everything would be easy for Him…

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