Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/31/18

At my age, smoke starts coming out of my head when I think. Well, maybe not smoke per say…but I tend to get a headache (or heggit as Ryan referred to it when he was a wee lad) when I over-think. And, after yesterday’s God winks, my mind was racing today…and my head was, and still is, pounding. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t eat or drink anything until around 5 P.M. Yeah, that’s probably it…

Anyway, as I said yesterday, I am excited to start working with Ryan to see if there’s a way to connect/converse with him, but didn’t get a chance to start because I had some other appointments today that took me away from the house, and therefore I wasn’t able to watch him. I’m hoping to get started and into a routine tomorrow…then, watch out!

Is it me, or are the mornings coming faster and faster? For the past couple weeks, I’ll wake up at my normal time (sometime between 2 & 2:30 A.M.) and before I know it, my alarm goes off at 6:20 A.M. Even though I toss and turn the rest of the time (roughly 4 hours), but it feels like 15 minutes. DOH!

Y’all rest well tonight, and tomorrow turn your dreams into reality on purpose!

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