Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/1/18

Ryan was alert for a few hours today, and looked directly into my eyes whenever I spoke to him. I changed locations many times to see if he, indeed, was tracking me. He was. This gives me hope that he’ll somehow be able to put words to his thoughts someday.

A couple of days ago, I watched a movie entitled “The Discovery” on Netflix. While it moved somewhat slowly, I thought the premise was captivating; so much so, I barely slept at all last night thinking about it. So many thoughts are running through my head. I’d love for y’all to watch it and would be interested in your thoughts. Robert Redford has a starring role in it, so that might entice some of you ladies out there to watch it. I can’t believe it’s only got 1.5 stars. More on this topic to come…

“If you’re buying Smart Water for $4 a bottle, it’s obviously not working.”

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/1/18

  1. I just watched this movie. I did not like it. I believe it gives false hope to non-believers and the suicide topic is very controversial. The movie is a fantasy about being able to change the past, like the Christian song “Dear Younger Me”. I’m not a fan of that song for the same purpose. We can’t go back and change it, only fantasize about going back and what we would have done differently. We all do it, fantasize about what we could have done differently, but have to come back to reality and give praise to God for all His goodness then, now, and to come! God bless you.


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