Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/23/18

It’s National Food Coma Day, and I’m participating big time! It’s a good thing Ryan slept most of the way through my shift, because I’m not sure how affective I’d have been had he needed me…

For all of my teacher friends out there…and the rest of y’all…

TEACHER: “What does a chicken give us?”

STUDENTS: “Eggs!!”

TEACHER: “What does a pig give us?”

STUDENTS: “Bacon!!”

TEACHER: “What does a cow give us?”

STUDENTS: “Homework!!”


ENGLISH TEACHER: Give me the opposite of this sentence: “Children in the dark make mistakes.”

STUDENTS: “Mistakes in the dark make children.”



3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/23/18

  1. Greetings,
    Have you considered or ever heard of hyperbaric oxygen treatment? If you haven’t please take a look at the following link:


    My 3 month old newborn is currently in a coma, with a ventilator attached to her trachea and has very severe brain damage due to asphyxiation while in the womb. Regardless of what the doctors say, I haven’t lost my faith. As I have placed my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his work on the cross, I have also placed my daughter’s life in His hands. Having a ventilator makes it a bit difficult for my daughter to receive this therapy for she needs to be placed inside a hyperbaric chamber. I’m not sure if your son breathes on his own or requires a ventilator to help him.

    I have already spoken to Dr. Paul Harch’s secretary and an MRI image of my daughter’s brain is required as well as discharge papers from the hospital so that Dr. Harch can take a look at them. I have yet to acquire these records, as the holidays have hindered me, and then mail them.

    Unfortunately, these treatments are not paid for by insurance companies when it comes to traumatic brain injuries. There’s only about 12 acceptable conditions for which insurance will pay, but brain injuries is not one of them. There is alot of political red tape preventing this therapy to be covered by insurance companies. I was however told that it would cost around $200 per hourly session and would require at least 40 sessions in order to see some benefit.

    The link above is for Dr. Paul Harch’s website and there are many videos documenting the success that this therapy has had with brain injured patients as well as conferences given by Dr. Harch explaining the way this therapy works. There are a few other doctors that also do this sort of therapy but I think based on what I’ve researched online that Dr. Harch is a pioneer in this field. However, they all can agree that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT is beneficial for traumatic brain injured (TBI) patients.

    God has granted me the strength to deal with my daughter’s health situation but knowing that there is something that can possibly make my daughter’s condition better than what it currently is, motivates me to take the necessary action and removes my feelings of impotence and helplessness. I will move mountains if I have to for my little Victoria. I pray that this message brings an extra glimmer of hope.

    Yours in Christ,

    PS: I also wait for a miracle.


    • Hi Nicasio, I apologize for the tardy reply. Thank you for the information you provided. I looked into HBOT for Ryan several years ago, but after much research decided not to pursue it due to its high cost and uncertainty when it comes to results. For now, we praise God that Ryan is already healed in Heaven, while looking for remedies that could heal him while he’s with us on earth; short of a miracle, that is. We believe God IS capable! I’ve been in contact with several clinics across the U.S. searching for anything that will help my boy. If/when I find something that may benefit Victoria, I’ll be sure and pass it along to you. In the meantime, I will add you and Victoria to our prayer list. May God’s peace, love and grace pour out generously upon you both.


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