Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/25/18

Too much hillbillyian goin’ on last night to post anything. This year’s Christmas Eve dinner theme was Texas BBQ, so of course we all had to dress the part (except for those who didn’t). No need to mention who, because you can see for y’all’s selfs. Anyway, can someone say Awkward Family Photo? I mean, what in tarnation was my mom wearing??

Not something you thought you’d see on Christmas, huh? Hope it doesn’t spoil your day.

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM OUR CRAZY FAMILY TO YOURS! Oh yes, your families are crazy too…some of us just hide it better than others…



6 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/25/18

  1. Hi Brett. I am celebrating Christmas inTexas this year, so y’all look pretty normal to me!! I’ll be back in Benicia tonight though. God Bless you and your family


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