Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/5/19

HUMILITY   adjective:   marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful; unpretentious

When I consider how small Earth (a spec) is in relation to our galaxy (the Milky Way), and ultimately the universe, and realize that each of us is a spec within a spec on a spec, it humbles me. Sometimes I feel so insignificant; that is, until I remember just how much God loves me. To think he picked me out of the infinite specs in the universe to become one of His children. It then becomes difficult to contain my pride. This is when I need to humble myself and recognize my other brothers and sisters in Christ, and more importantly try to add to God’s family by sharing His love with others.

Love one another…I love all of you, and hope and pray God’s blessings upon your lives…

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