Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/16/19

How appropriate it is to have just finished listening to the story about Noah and the flood this week. No sooner did Ryan and I finish, the rain really started to come down. It had been coming down lightly for a while, but now…now it’s coming down hard; harder than I’ve seen it in quite some time (perhaps years). I was just out in it to pick up some of Ryan’s meds from Walnut Creek Kaiser, and counted at least 6 solo accidents going and coming. Must be the reason people were going 35 on the freeway. It’s supposed to rain for the next several hours and then turn into thunder/lightning storms in the wee hours of the morning.

Speaking of wee hours in the morning: Yesterday, at about a quarter to five in the A.M., a small earthquake (magnitude 3.4) hit a couple of towns over from us. For some reason, I didn’t feel it…even though I don’t think I was sleeping very hard.

Do you think God’s trying to tell us something with all of these signs? I think He’s been trying to tell us something for years and years and years. This is just another attempt to gain our collective attentions. I may not have been sleeping very hard, but God’s still telling me to WAKE UP! I understand that last sentence is not grammatically correct, but I’m too tired to think about how to correct it.

Goodnight y’all…zzzz

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