Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/19/19 Prayer Request for Luke Souza

Please pray for my friend’s son Luke Souza (I went to high school with Ken, Luke’s dad). This was just posted on his Caring Bridge site.
Hi all… well our Luke (21yrs old), needs prayers again please.  As you might recall, Dec 2017 he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma with a large tumor in his chest between his lungs and next to his heart.  He had 12 chemo treatments and 15 days of radiation which he finished in July.  He tolerated the treatments well and he was so strong through it all, and the post scan (9/18) showed NO activity at all. He has been feeling great and looking good.
This past week he had his 6 month post PET Scan.  Unfortunately, the scan revealed that there is perhaps some new activity where his tumor was (it is scar tissue now and was inoperable because it was next to heart and in between his lungs). So the next step is to have a biopsy done in that area which they hope to have scheduled next week.

So here are my prayer requests:

1- Prayers that it is NOT cancer and just a mis-read or something else not serious (which the Dr. said has happened before). There is always a change it is NOTHING!
2- That the Dr. performing the biopsy will be able to get a good biopsy that will reveal exactly what it is  (cancer or not).  If this biopsy comes back inconclusive, then he will be referred to a surgeon for a more invasive and riskier biopsy procedure.  So please let this biopsy be the ONE and ONLY one he needs.
3- Another PET will be done in 60 days, so prayers that whatever it is will be gone before 60 days!
4-Prayers for peace and strength during this time.
THANK YOU so much, and blessings to you all,

Vickie &  Ken Souza and family


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