Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/20/19

As, a, rule, of, thumb, aren’t, commas, supposed, to, be, used, in, sentences, where, a, natural, break, or, pause, occurs? Well, I’m, exhausted, and, out, of, breath, so, here, you, are.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been trying to see if I can get any kind/sense of consistent movement “on command” from Ryan. This is one method of determining a way of communicating with him. For example, I’ll ask him to move a finger and then stare at it (his finger) to see if there’s any pattern to any movement I see. So far, I don’t see any movement that suggests a deliberate effort on his part, but I’m not giving up. Please pray for continued patience on my and Ryan’s part to push through this tedious exercise…

I love and miss my boy…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/20/19

  1. Father God, please grant a large measure of patience to Bret and Ryan as they labor to find a way for Ryan to communicate. Lead and guide Bret as he searches for a pathway to connect with his beloved son. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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