Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/25/19

Today’s note from Luke Souza’s Caring Bridge page regarding his biopsy appointment scheduled for next Tuesday:

“Just want to let you all know that Luke’s biopsy appointment will be on Tuesday.  Thanks for your prayers!!”

Just want to reiterate how much Janine and I appreciate all the prayers y’all sent/send up on our and Ryan’s behalves (or is it behalfs?). We firmly believe in the power of prayer; that God answers each and every one according to His will. And, we really appreciate/covet your supporting others in prayer as well, as they pop up on this page and in your minds. Despite not always seeing a result, we know God is working diligently behind/beside/in front of/above and below to take care of each one of His precious children…you and me included. So, never stop praying and/or believing. Who knows? That one prayer you send up may just be the one that God moves on and saves a loved one of yours??? Keep on looking and loving Him…and others.

Romans 8:18   I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

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