Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/5/19

One positive thing about watching Ryan (and there are a lot of positive things) is that we have a lot of time to explore/learn about new things; whether it be a new movie, book, study any topic, subject/category, etc. Over the years, we’ve watched several documentaries. A couple of favorites are: Mark Twain & The Ted Bundy Tapes…quite the contrast in subject matter. We’re also learning (well, I should say I’m learning and Ryan is brushing up on) Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and German. Well, maybe not Japanese, Russian, Chinese and/or German, but the first one anyway. We’ve also read through the Bible once, and are well on our way through it again. We’re also writing music together. Point is, we’re doing things together that we might not otherwise take the time or energy to do if our lives were “normal”. We’re taking time to do things we (at least I) like to do, and I’m hoping Ryan likes to do them with me…even though he sleeps most of the time when I’m with him.

Make sure and spend as much time with your child/loved one as you possibly can, because one day (and soon) you won’t have the time and/or opportunity to spend with them…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/5/19

  1. You surely are making the best of your time with Ryan. May we all take your words to heart with our own children and grandchildren.


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