Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/9/19

My flip phone has been steadily dyeing over the past 6 months. So today, after much kicking and screaming, I finally went out and got a new cell phone. Now I’ll be able to Facechat, Instabook, and Snapgram along with the rest of today’s hipsters. Watch out world! No really, watch out! I’ve got no idea what I’m doing, so if you get some weird (or should I say “weirder than normal”?) text message from me, I may or may not have sent it by error…for now, you’ll just have to keep guessing.

Anyway, once I set my phone up and download some cool apps, Ryan and I are going to have some fun. Please stay tuned…

For now, the only thing I want to do happens to rhyme with app; and that is take a nap…for a really long time. Goodnight y’all!

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