Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/15/19

Hi! We’re back in business after having had my computer worked on for a few days by the geeks at Geek Squad. I really need to stop watching certain “adult movies” on my computer, as they contain a lot of filthy viruses…not! Anyway, I always feel like I’ve let Ryan down if I don’t write something (even if it’s minor) daily in this (his) journal. Ryan’s been steady (we should have named him Eddie), status-quo, even-keeled, the same…meaning, everything’s been normal…for him anyway. Remind me to tell you about a couple of “wonderful” gifts he received this past week. But, before I get into those, I wanted to forward this information about our friend Luke Souza (from his Caring Bridge website). Please continue to pray for him. Thank you! And, May God Richly Bless You All!!

Luke Souza Update:

Results of UCSF meeting 2/13/19

Journal entry by Vickie Souza

Wow! So much information to grasp in a nearly 3 hour meeting with the doctor and the nurse. On the positive side, we like our new doctor, Dr. Andreadis and this continues to be treatable.  He is a hematologist specializing in bone marrow transplants for Hodgkins & NonHodgkins Lymphomas and Leukemia.   The bad news is that there is a lot more to the treatment plan than we anticipated.   He outlined a 3 tier treatment plan as follows:

1- Two consecutive days of chemo with Brentuximab done twice 3 weeks apart from each other.  Afterwards, a PET Scan.  If it looks good then will proceed to:

2 – Stem Cell Transplant – some prep stuff is done to boost the stem cells, then admitted to the hospital to have his the stem cells filtered out of his blood (@5 hour procedure) and frozen. Then receive some intense chemo treatment and then monitored afterwards, so about a 3-4 week stay at UCSF Hospital in SF. Following he will need about a 2 month house arrest type of schedule to protect him against germs and infections. He will have to have all his vaccinations again since they will be wiped out (the ones you get as a baby and toddler).  I’m sure more scans, and lab draws along the way…. etc.. and then eventually move to the next step:

3-Chemo treatments once every 3 weeks for one year.

How did we get here? Ya we wondered the same thing!?! I guess some cancer cells can be resistant and can hide from the chemo and radiation treatments, ugh!! So other more intense treatments need to be used — bringing out the big weapons over at UCSF to clear this once and for all!  AMEN!

It weighs heavy on Ken and I that our Luke will have to go through all of this for the next year and a half.  😦   Of course,  Luke isn’t too happy about all of this, but like before, he faces it head on, fearless, and with strength and bravery.  He amazes me!  Cancer is messing with the wrong dude!  I know God will provide a way and will give us the grace we need to face each new day.

Thanks again SO VERY MUCH for all your support, encouraging comments and prayers!  Keep them coming.  I will try to keep you all updated along the journey.  God bless each and every one of you and your families!

blessings, Vickie and Ken and family

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