Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/20/19

It was great to get home and see Ryan today! I missed him a lot! It’s tough being away…

God is good! Wherever I go, I run into someone/s who knows about Ryan and read about him on this site. It just so happens that a new friend in McCloud (a little town near Mt. Shasta), who happens to have done some work on the house I’ve been working on, is one such someone. Mark is a true believer/follower of Jesus, and has offered much support and encouragement while I’m up there. I appreciate him and his son Bart (yep, the same name as my brother), and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their prayers and encouraging words. Thank you guys!!

So, I get home and there’s no dinner on the table. Janine’s away working. What’s a man to do?? Gee, it isn’t like I’ve been fending for myself all week. Suck it up Bret!!

Anyway, I apologize to those of you who have been up for almost a week waiting for me to post again. Believe me, you’d have been up all week anyway due to the nature of the slowest ever downloading internet service up there. For those of you out-of-staters, Mt. Shasta is north of my normal dwelling place. Of course, many of you believe I live under a rock (you’re not too far off), in which case everything is north…

By for now. Sleep well, and May God Richly Bless All Of You!!

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