Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/21/19

LITERAL   adjective: limited to the explicit meaning of a word or text; without interpretation or embellishment; being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something

As far back as I can remember (I know, it’s not that far back), Ryan has always taken things literally. Here is an example from when he was a wee lad (around 3 years old).

The following note came along with a gift (see picture) from his Auntie Nee (pronounced nay) & Uncle Eddie (pronounced Eddee):

“Dear Ryan,

When you were little, I don’t know if you remember, you spent a weekend with us in Lincoln, CA. We had so much fun with you staying with us! Well, there were many peacocks calling our apartment complex home and there was one peacock who had somehow lost her leg. But she hopped along as if she had two! We all called her Granny! Anyway, you saw this peacock and were amazed! You were so happy…you said, “It’s….it’s….it’s….” so Uncle Eddie said, “Spit it out!” So, you stopped, looked at him, then spit – as told! Then you continued, “It’s a flamingo!””

Instead of a moose head and/or antlers mounted on the wall, we have a flamingo. Yeah…I know….


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