Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/25/19

I’m beginning to figure Ryan out. I know, it’s about time, right?!? Whenever the weather changes, Ryan’s temperature rises. So, last week it was cold. This week, it’s been a bit warmer, and sure enough, Ryan’s temp rose a bit…not to the point of outrageous, but something to watch. I looked outside, and there was pollen on the ground. Ahhhh, weather change…Ryan’s becoming predictable…Now that I’ve said it out loud, I’m sure Ryan will change things up and prove me wrong…Not that I mind…He can keep me on my toes…

Also, Ryan’s been awake during my shift these past couple weeks. Awesome! We’ve listened to the Bible on the internet an hour or so a day. We’re 2/3’s of way through Leviticus. I know, not very far along, because I missed a few days, but far enough.

“Never look down on anyone. Only God sits that high.” – Will Smith


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