Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/3/19

February is gone?!?!? It’ll soon be 2020…unlike my vision…which is fading with age. Oh, don’t count me out yet. I can still spot a flea on a tick on a dog a mile away…but can’t see anything directly in front of my nose. Good thing we have a Dollar Tree close by. I purchase ten pairs of glasses at a time and put them everywhere…all rooms in the house, cars, garage, toolbox, etc.

So, we enjoyed a relaxing weekend around here. Took in a few movies (thank you Netflix, Amazon Prime & HBO), watched a few pro sporting events, listened to music, and stared out the window at the rain. The things on my 30-year old to-do list will have to wait…perhaps another 30 years…Please, don’t tell Janine I said that.

Quote of the Day: You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Toilet paper is a good example.

Here’s to y’all having a great week on purpose!


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